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Resident Resources

Liberty Township Trustees
Trustees: Craig Getz - Chairman (12-31-19), Randy Kemmerer - Vice Chairman (12-31-21), and Don Keller (12-31-21). Fiscal Officer: Dan Alt (3-31-2020).

Meetings normally held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:00 PM at 2095 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd. NW, Baltimore.

2018 Meeting Exceptions: January 15th meeting moved to January 22nd; February 19th meeting moved to February 21st; and September 3rd meeting moved to September 5th.

Visit Liberty Township Trustee Calendar & Events page for the most up-to-date meeting information, or call (740) 862-6691.

Click here to view minutes from past meetings.

Liberty Township Zoning Commission
Members: Cathy Smith (12-31-18), Todd Liston (12-31-19), Rick May (12-31-20), Adam Leith (12-31-21), and Shane Hamilton (Alternate). Clerk/Secretary: Lori Anthony.

Meetings held AS NEEDED on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at 2095 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd. NW, Baltimore.

Visit the Liberty Township Zoning Commission web page or call (740) 862-6691 for more info.

Liberty Township Board of Zoning Appeals
Members: Tom Marsh (12-31-18), David Stone (12-31-19), Bill McNeer (12-31-20), Karl Kumler (12-31-21), Jack Schafer (12-31-22), and Betsy Alt (Alternate - 12-31-18). Clerk/Secretary: Lori Anthony

Meetings held on an AS-NEEDED BASIS at 2095 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd. NW, Baltimore.

Visit or call (740) 862-6691 for more info.

Fairfield County Commissioners
Commissioners: Steve Davis (1-3-21), Mike Kiger (1-1-19), and Dave Legacy (1-2-21).

Meetings normally held on Tuesday of each week (and on Thursdays as needed). A review session begins at 9:00 AM and the regular meeting begins at 10:00 AM. All members of the public are welcome to appear and make comments about any issues of concern.

Meetings are held in the Commissioners' Hearing Room in the County Courthouse, 210 E. Main St., Lancaster.

The Commissioners' weekly schedule is posted at:

Visit or call (740) 687-7190 for more info.

Regional Planning Commission
Meetings normally held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Commissioners' third-floor conference room of the Courthourse at 210 E. Main St in Lancaster.

Visit or call (740) 687-7110 for more info.


Liberty Township Offices & Departments

Township Office
2095 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd. NW
Baltimore, OH 43105

Road Maintenance Office
2060 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd. NW
Baltimore, OH 43105

Jim Anthony, Zoning Inspector
10959 Heimberger Rd.
Baltimore, OH 43105
(740) 503-5826 or (740) 862-8832

Phone Numbers (All Offices & Departments):
Phone: (740) 862-6691
Cell: (740) 808-0006
Fax: (740) 862-4779



Craig Getz (740) 862-6085
Randy Kemmerer (740) 808-0388
Don Keller (740) 304-7686

Fiscal Officer:
Dan Alt (740) 862-6086

Road Department:
Dave C. Keller (740) 862-6691 or (740) 808-6543
Gregory Vannatta

Zoning Department:
Jim Anthony, Zoning Inspector (740) 862-8832 or (740) 503-5826
Lori Anthony, Zoning Secretary/Clerk (740) 862-6691

For Zoning Department forms and documents, visit:

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Liberty Township is comprised of five school districts:

Liberty Union-Thurston Local School District
Serves most of Liberty Township, the Village of Baltimore, and the surrounding area of Walnut Township. All three schools (elementary, middle and high schools) are located within the Village of Baltimore corporation limits.

Bloom-Carroll Local School District
Serves the southwestern portion of Liberty Township. The schools are located in the Village of Carroll on the edge of Greensfield Township.

Pickerington Local School District
Serves the western portion of Liberty Township.

Southwest Licking Local School District
Serves the northern portion of Liberty Township.

Walnut Township Local School District
Serves northeastern Fairfield County, including the northeast corner of Liberty Township. The schools are located in Millersport, a small village on the southwestern corner of Buckeye Lake.

Liberty Township

Village of Baltimore, Ohio

Fairfield County, Ohio

Fairfield County Commissioners

Fairfield County Board of Elections

Fairfield County Sheriff's Department

Baltimore Village Police Department

Basil Joint Fire District

Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce

Baltimore Downtown Restoration Committee

Ohio Revised Code

Recommended Papers for News in Liberty Township
& Surrounding Townships:

Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
Buckeye Lake Beacon
Fairfield Towne Crier
Pataskala Standard
Newark Advocate

About O.R.R.D.

O.R.R.D. (Ohioans for Responsible Rural Development) is composed of Ohio citizens, primarily residents of Liberty Township (Fairfield County), who are concerned about the effects of development in rural areas. The non-profit group was organized to research the implications of development projects and give private citizens a voice in the governmental decision-making process.

The formation of O.R.R.D. began with the 2002 issue of a power plant to be built in a residential/agricultural area of Liberty Township (Fairfield County). O.R.R.D. provided accurate information regarding the progress and downfall of this power plant through its former website (now owned by a group in California).

Growth is inevitable. All we ask is that this growth be the concern of all residents in our townships, not just the concern of our trustees.

Contact Us

O.R.R.D. is operated by several local volunteers. We do not have a physical office location at this time and do not have an office telephone number. If you would like to speak with an O.R.R.D. volunteer, email us at Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Mailing Address:
Ohioans for Responsible Rural Development
PO Box 263
Baltimore, OH 43105